NDIS Services

Our Social Support team works with and supports NDIS participants in the Northern Shoalhaven to live their lives more fully by helping them to realise their goals and to pursue their dreams.  We will sit down with you to understand what you wish to achieve and prepare a support plan that helps you to get there. 

We will help you to get out and about in your community to attend to important things that you want to attend, like shopping and personal appointments. We will also be there for you when you want to attend events and gatherings of interest to you and to stay in touch with friends.

We can also help you to explore new interests and pursuits safely and to strike up new contacts with others who have similar interests.  

Our support is flexible and will respond to your interests, goals and commitments as they develop and change over time. We recognise that these changes can occur at any time so we are always ready to vary them to ensure that we remain with you on your journey for as long as you wish that.

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about our services. 

For a list of our NDIS Fees and Charges click download below.