Work and Development Orders

Work and Development Order’s (WDO's) are a new way to help people who can’t pay their fines.

If you are eligible you can clear your fines with activities instead of money. You can do things such as volunteering, counselling, courses or treatment programs.

Shoalhaven Neighbourhood Services are WDO sponsors’ which means that we have been approved by the NSW Government to supervise WDO’s.

How it works:

  1. Get a sponsor, we can tell you if you are eligible for the program and what information you will need to provide.

  2. Agree on the activities that you will do to pay off your fine.

  3. Complete the activities and we will report that you have completed the activities to the State Debt recovery office each month.

The amount you can pay off your fine under the program is up to $1000 per month. If you keep up with the agreed activities you can pay your whole fine off under the program.

Eligibility criteria:

  • I receive a centrelink benefit
  • I am in serious financial hardship
  • I am homeless
  • I have a serious addition to drug, alcohol or other substances
  • I have a  mental illness
  • I have an intellectual disability or
  • Have a cognitive impairment such as autism, brain injury or dementia  

Please contact us for further information to find out if you are eligible and how we can help you.


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