Free rapid antigen tests (RATs) to vulnerable communities

Free rapid antigen tests are available to people with disability, immunocompromised people, and their carers and eligible Commonwealth Concession Card holders in NSW. Drop in to Nowra or East Nowra Neighbourhood Centre to collect your kits during opening hours. New stock has arrived with an expiry date of March 2024.

The free rapid antigen tests (RATs) are available to:

  • people with disability, immunocompromised people, and their carers
  • eligible Commonwealth Concession Card holders in NSW:
    • Pensioner Concession card
    • Commonwealth Seniors Health Care card
    • Health Care Card (including Low Income Health Care card) 
    • Department of Veterans’ Affairs Gold, White or Orange cards.

Get them from your local Neighbourhood centre

Nowra and East Nowra Neighbourhood Centre have kits available.

Over 200 neighbourhood and community centres across the state also have them available. To find one what other centres have them, check your suburb in this A-Z list.

PDF and Excel versions are also available.

You can find out more about the centres by searching for them at Service Seekerlaunch.

How do I get them?

Either you or your carer can go to the nearest neighbourhood or community centre to collect them. 

People with disability or immunocompromised, or your carer need to self-declare your disability or that you‘re immunocompromised. There’s no need to provide your name or personal details.

Commonwealth Concession Card holders need to show your concession card.

Why are these kits free?

The NSW Government is committed to protecting those most in need in our community by providing RATs to vulnerable people.


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